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Update during Covid

13/04/2021 13:20
Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I have added new outfits, but I am going to get back at it since my store in St.Marys is closed...

Shipping rates

26/03/2020 09:26
I am back listing our clothing on Etsy and since they want vendors to use free shipping I'm going to try the same idea here.  I am...

April 2020 Doll Show Cancelled

25/03/2020 14:29
We have been told officially the April 2020 London Doll Show has been cancelled.  Lets hope the October 18, 2020 show will be able to open which...

Clothing for Wellie Wishes, Heart 4Hearts, Les Cherie available

17/06/2018 11:23
Check the 14" - 16" category for the 14" girls clothing which fit Wellie Wishes, Heart 4 Hearts and Les Cherie dolls 

18"Boy Doll Clothing

30/04/2017 14:50
We are starting to build a wardrobe for the new 18" boy dolls which are becoming popular.  We have 3 pair of pyjamas available and are working...

Hearts 4 Heart dolls, Ms Corolle/les cheries, Kids n Cats dolls

30/01/2014 20:47
We are starting to carry outfits that fit these smaller dolls which are available in most department stores, such as Sears, Target etc.  If you...

Photo Gallery: Purple Hill Togs - Handmade Doll Clothes


Purple Hill Togs - Handmade Doll Clothes

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Welcome to Purple Hill Togs, the home of handmade doll clothes. Please browse through our categories and email any questions you have. 

We will answer within 12 hours. 

Our 18" handmade doll clothing sets come complete with appropriate footwear to complete the outfit. All the baby size outfits come with appropriate footwear.  All bedtime outfits come with hand knit booties,  slippers, and sometimes bonnets or caps. 

January 6, 2014 - I have now upgraded our site to accept PayPal directly, the same as on ebay, which should make the check out quicker.  If you run into a problem please contact me and we'll straighten it out as quickly as possible. 

We are reducing prices for our outfits on all sizes due to accepting PayPal directly, no more insertion fees, selling fees, etc. which we  have on Etsy and ebay.  So now if you buy direct from our website it will be a little cheaper for you. 

We have added a new category, 13" - 14".  This covers the little girl dolls, Corolle Les Cheries, Hearts for Hearts, and Groovy Girls.

The larger sizes such as 17 - 19" and 20 - 22" fit the reborn dolls that are becoming quite popular, whether you make your own or purchase one at doll shows or on line.  the smaller size is referred to as preemie and the larger size is considered new born.



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highly recommended

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2) This outfit was beautiful.
Shipping was quite reasonable.

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3) Great Vendor.
Goods very well presented.
Thank you

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