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Purple  Hill Togs is operated by two friends, Betty and Eden.  Betty knits and sews.  Eden sews and does machine embroidery.  Both of us have been crafting for many years.  We've done the Craft Show circuit, taken orders from individuals, and consigned items to retail outlets. A mutual friend of ours asked if we made doll clothes.  To which Eden replied, yes, Barbie, Ken, and Cabbage Patch Kids.  She wondered why we didn't make American Girl clothing because she had just returned from visiting her sister in Chicago and they went to the American Girl Boutique.  So, after asking around and searching the web, we decided this was a whole new world to investigate.  Once we started making the 18 inch doll clothes, we were asked about the bitty babies, then preemies.  So, now we are having the time of our lives knitting and sewing for dolls from 12 inch to 22 inch. 

We've had to buy a variety of dolls to use as models for our outfits because we want to ensure everything fits properly,and of course, to use in our photos.  We still supply one retail outlet, a gift shop in St. Marys, Ontario.  We also have an ebay store, and we accept Paypal because it is the safest method of payment and you don't have to have a Paypal account in order to purchase our outifts. We just send you an invoice to your email address and you follow the instructions supplied by Paypal.

 It's now January 2019 and Betty has retired, however, I have a couple of people knitting for me and I also have a former costume maker doing 18" doll clothes for me and they are absolutely gorgeous.  Her attention to detail is amazing.  Her name is Connie and I'll be putting her outfits on the website in the near future.  There hasn't been any activity here for quite some time but, hopefully that will change soon.  I just have to work at getting pictures taken and putting them on the site which I haven't done for a very long time. So, stay tuned.

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