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April 2011 Craft Show

28/03/2011 08:13

Betty and I are going to be at the Doll Craft Show and Sale in St. Thomas on Sunday, April 17, 2011.  It runs from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and is at the St. Ann's Centre on 20 Morrison Drive, St. Thomas.

We will have 2 tables this time, so we shouldn't be as crowded as we were at the London Doll Show and Sale last October in London.  We will have all our doll sizes available, plus some matching summer outfits for girls and their dolls.  We will also have some 18" doll accessories like the scooter and helmut sets, and our gorgeous new horse.  We'll bring some extra summer shoes for your doll.  Some surprises as well. 

Be sure to bring your doll so you can check to make sure everything fits.

It's coming very quickly.  We'll see you there.

 Just an update to the St. Thomas Doll Show and Sale.  Betty and I had a good time even though the traffic was not great.  We met up with vendors from the London show last October, so had some fun visits.  We had an excellent spot and with 2 tables could display our dolls and outfits much better.  There are a number of reasons for a poor turnout such as first time in St. Thomas, poor economy, high gas prices, and, wet weather.   I'm sure if JoAnn, the convenor decides to try the St. Ann Centre next year we'll go back.  Meanwhile we'll contiinue to update our site with new and fun outfits for dolls and girls.



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