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E-shop has been launched!

03/12/2009 16:45

Our new e-shop has been launched!

We have hand sewn and hand knit clothing for baby dolls from twelve inches to twenty-two inches.  We also make clothing for the popular "big girl" dolls like American Girl, and the Canadian counterpart, Maplelea.  The models we use to show our outfits are Corolle Brand, and American Girl Bitty Babies for the babies, and Springfield for the big girls.  I must emphasize our dolls are not included in the price of the outfit as we need them to check sizing and also to model.  If you have any questions regarding our dolls please feel free to ask us through the 'Contact Us' menu.  Of course, we will answer your questions regarding the outfits as well.

As outfits sell, we remove them from the site as most are one of a kind.  If we have sufficent fabric we do make similar outfits, always with slight differences.  


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